Every calendar year, each employee has $500 in matching funds available for the HCA Hope Fund, and $500 in matching funds available for other non-profit organizations. In order to receive a match, employees must give at least $250 to the organization.

  • Each employee can access a maximum of $1000 total in dollar-for-dollar matching funds ($500 to the Hope Fund and $500 to other charities).
  • The minimum gift is $250 per selected organization to activate HCA matching gifts.
  • If an employee sets up Recurring Payroll Deductions that would total $250 to an eligible charity over the course of 12 months, they can activate HCA’s match. The gift/match can be created at any time during the calendar year, and the matching funds will begin immediately.
  • Matching funds are available to any public 501(c)3 charity in the nation with the exception of places of worship.