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For Middle Tennessee Nonprofits

Nonprofits are encouraged to have an HCA Healthcare-affiliated board member, who are viewed as essential to the relationship between a nonprofit and the HCA Healthcare Foundation. HCA Healthcare colleagues can be found in many networks and on many volunteer sites. Here are some suggested ways to identify a strong board candidate from HCA Healthcare.

Work with current board members

Let your entire board and supporter network know you are looking to actively recruit an HCA Healthcare colleague to join your board. Social, professional and personal networks are powerful and expansive - and quite often include people who work at HCA Healthcare!

Reach out to current HCA Healthcare supporters

Any member of your organization can interact with the HCA Healthcare donation system at any time by accessing the Nonprofit Organization Portal. From here, an organization can access information about donors / gifts, sign up to receive distributions via ACH, create volunteer projects to be displayed on the HCA Healthcare colleague volunteering site, edit your logo, mission, contact information, etc., and access the dedicated help desk.

Work with your current HCA Healthcare board member

If your organization currently has an HCA Healthcare colleague serving on the board, it is never too early to work with them on cultivating a possible successor. This might include talking with their peers or teammates about their board service with your organization as well as being intentional about bringing colleagues to your organization’s fundraising / awareness-raising and volunteer events.

Promote board opportunities to HCA Healthcare colleagues

Nonprofits are also welcome to promote their board opportunities to HCA Healthcare colleagues. This process begins with the submission of information about the organization and its specific board needs. Approved requests are then posted on an HCA Healthcare internal site that is regularly promoted to colleagues looking for leadership opportunities with Middle Tennessee nonprofits. While board matches do occur because of these postings, a placement may take some time and cannot be guaranteed. In order to be considered, please complete the form below. Organizations posting their opportunities on this site will be contacted directly by interested colleagues.

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Thank you for your interest in sharing your board opportunity with the HCA Healthcare community. We share nonprofit board member requests with HCA-affiliated employees throughout the year via our internal communications platform.

The time required to match prospective board members with nonprofit requests varies from a few weeks to several months based on colleague interest. Please note there is no guarantee that a match will necessarily occur. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Whitney Weeks.

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To develop stronger nonprofit leaders, the HCA Healthcare Foundation trains and supports HCA Healthcare-affiliated colleagues to serve on nonprofit boards of directors.

OnBoard Training

Each year, the HCA Healthcare Foundation provides Nashville-based colleagues with the opportunity to improve their skills through OnBoard Training. Through OnBoard Training, colleagues learn about board roles and responsibilities, strategic planning, financials, and fundraising in order to be an effective and positive nonprofit board member.

CONNECT: HCA Healthcare Foundation Forums

The HCA Healthcare Foundation Forums hosts quarterly opportunities for HCA Healthcare supported agencies and HCA Healthcare board members to gather together and discuss community and nonprofit needs.