Frequently asked questions

What kinds of projects are not funded by the HCA Healthcare Foundation?

Individuals or their projects, private foundations, political activities, advertising or sponsorships of events, social events or similar fund-raising activities are not funded by the HCA Healthcare Foundation.

Who is the HCA Healthcare Foundation?

As the philanthropic arm of HCA Healthcare, the mission of the HCA Healthcare Foundation is to promote health and well being, support childhood and youth development and foster the arts in the communities we serve. In partnership with our colleagues, we seek to accomplish this mission by providing leadership, service and financial support to effective non-profit organizations working individually and collectively.

I’m a new applicant to the HCA Healthcare Foundation. What should I do to start a grant application?

Read about our grants.

What size grants are reasonably likely?

Grants are awarded based on the type of grant request, operational, program, or capital, and on the size of the operating budget of applicant organizations.

What kinds of organizations does the HCA Healthcare Foundation support?

The HCA Healthcare Foundation supports organizations related to the following focus areas: health and wellbeing, childhood and youth development, and the arts.

How can I request an HCA Healthcare colleague for my nonprofit board of directors?

To request an HCA Healthcare-affiliated board member, fill out and submit the form found in our Board Leadership page.

How does the HCA Healthcare Foundation select grant recipients?

The Board of Directors makes its decisions based on recommendations by the HCA Healthcare Foundation staff.