Our geography of giving

The HCA Healthcare Foundation makes charitable contributions to 501(c)3 organizations in Middle Tennessee. All requests outside of Middle Tennessee should be submitted to the nearest HCA Healthcare facility or division office. Access a map of HCA Healthcare facilities.

Grant application deadlines

Grants received by the following deadlines will be reviewed at the corresponding board meetings:

  • December 20, 2021 (Quarter 1 Meeting - March 3, 2022)
  • March 18, 2022 (Quarter 2 Meeting - May 24, 2022)
  • June 17, 2022 (Quarter 3 Meeting - August 23, 2022)
  • September 17, 2022 (Quarter 4 Meeting - November 4, 2022)

Grantmaking updates for 2022

Based on feedback from our nonprofit partners, the HCA Healthcare Foundation has made a number of revisions to the 2022 application.

  • Choice of application: A new, shorter application for grants of $5,000 right–sizes the amount of information required for the amount of the grant. Additionally, the minimum grant award is $5,000, up from $2,500.
  • Choice of grant type: After two years of operational-only funding, agencies can chose to apply for programmatic or operational funding.
  • Impact and outcomes: Rather than a separate submission of 6 and 12 month outcomes, the Foundation now asks all agencies to report on year–to–date impact and outcomes just once as part of their grant application.
  • Board engagement: A new question asks agencies to describe how they communicate organizational strategy and impact with board members.
  • Grantmaking categories: Replacing “children and youth” with “education” as a grantmaking category achieves alignment with our focus areas of basic needs, primary care, health and well-being, arts and education. Organizations previously identifying as “children and youth” based on age of clients served can now chose the grantmaking category that best aligns with their mission or grant-funded program.

Grant programs

Health and well being

Our highest priority is supporting organizations that promote health and well being. There are two subcategories within health and well being.

Primary care

Primary care organizations include clinics and non-profits that provide services including prevention, intervention, one-time care or continuous care. This category also includes dental and mental wellness services.

Basic needs

Basic Needs organizations provide services including housing, food, clothing, employment assistance, legal services, childcare and transportation.


The HCA Healthcare Foundation supports organizations that promote positive growth and development in all ages through educational programming that encourages success, self-improvement, service and leadership.


The HCA Healthcare Foundation supports arts organizations engaged in community outreach and educational programs that uniquely serve their communities.

This list is not inclusive of every organization’s area of service. If you are unclear what category your services fit in to, please reach out to HCA Healthcare Foundation staff.

For new agencies that are planning on requesting grants over $25K, a LOI (letter of intent) is required as part of the intake process. Following a review of the LOI, the Foundation staff will determine if the agency and request fit the Foundation’s mission and Middle Tennessee Fund strategy and will request an application as needed. LOIs are not required for existing agencies or new agencies requesting grants up to $25K.

Recommendations for foundation funding include consideration of the following criteria:

  • Relationship to HCA Healthcare's Mission/Strategy
  • Critical Need in Our Community
  • History of Relationship with the Organization (Board Service/Significant Year-Round Volunteer Involvement)
  • Funding Based on Budget Size
  • Community Impact
GivingMatters.com profile

Organizations must have a full and updated GivingMatters.com profile to be considered for funding. For more information please go to GivingMatters.com.


The Foundation does not consider requests for:

  • individuals or their projects
  • private foundations
  • political activities

The Foundation does not consider requests for advertising or sponsorship of events. To learn more about HCA Healthcare's sponsorship program and apply for consideration, please review the HCA Healthcare Corporate Contributions Policy and Criteria.

As a matter of policy, the Foundation does not ordinarily support:

  • organizations in their first three years of operation
  • organizations involved in research, sports, environmental, wildlife, civic and international affairs
  • individual public, private or parochial schools
  • churches (will support 501(c)3 faith–based initiatives consistent with our mission and guidelines)

Operational and program requests are reviewed at all quarterly board meetings.

Capital Grant Requests will be accepted on an exception basis. Please contact Foundation staff for more information.

Nonprofits receiving funding greater than $5,000 are asked to submit outcomes and information ;about organizational and programmatic impact as part of their HCA Healthcare Foundation application. Organizations will respond to these statements based on their grant type:

  • General Operational Grant: Please describe the impact and measurable outcomes of your organization since you last applied for grant funding. Include quantitative as well as qualitative information in your answer.
  • Program Grant: Please describe the impact and measurable outcomes of your program since you last applied for grant funding. Include quantitative as well as qualitative information in your answer.

Organizations are also asked to submit information about their method of sharing organizational outcomes and impact with the organization’s board of directors, including progress towards the strategic plan.

Nonprofits are encouraged to have an HCA Healthcare-affiliated board member, who are viewed as essential to the relationship between a nonprofit and the HCA Healthcare Foundation. HCA Healthcare board members may be identified through your current board members, your HCA Healthcare supporters, or by promoting opportunities to HCA Healthcare colleagues. Visit Non-Profit Board Leadership for additional suggestions and to fill out our form to promote your board member opportunity.

How does the HCA Healthcare Foundation select grant recipients?

  • The Board of Directors makes its decisions based on recommendations by the HCA Healthcare Foundation staff.

Do I have to meet with the Foundation staff yearly to be considered for a grant/connected to the Foundation?

  • A meeting isn't required for an annual grant submission and does not influence the grant review process. This is meant to be reassuring to applicants who might feel pressure to find time to meet with Foundation staff. Feel free to add Foundation staff members to emails or newsletters so we can stay informed about your organization's efforts and events.

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